Built-in speed camera detector

Innovation from Småland at its best

No more fines! Our unique box warns you if you’re going too fast.

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au2:ONE is your everyday hero

Never miss a speed camera again

au2:ONE helps you keep track of all (2338) fixed speed cameras on Sweden's roads.

No more expensive fines

Speeding fines really sting your wallet and can cost up to 4000 kronas.

Become a better driver

Sudden braking and rapid acceleration wear and tear the car and the environment. au2:ONE helps you plan your driving so that you save money and reduce emissions.

How the speed camera detector works

When you’re approaching a speed camera the au2:ONE starts blinking. If you’re driving too fast the box beeps until you’ve slowed down to the right speed. au2:ONE reminds you in time so that you have time to slow down.

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