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Tracker for machines & vehicles

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Best thing about Jiricom according to our customers

"For most companies keeping a car log is a necessary evil. Now modern technology from Jiricom is available so that you don't need to do the time-consuming work, and then there's no need to doubt."

Anette Wannholm

Financial Manager, Motivera Sverige AB

"We are super satisfied with Jiricom's log book solution. When needed they are easy to reach and we're always met with a friendly voice on the other end of the phone. A system with several smart functions that save both time and lets us focus on our business instead of administrating travels."

Dimitri Karlsson 

Project Manager, Beckomberga Entreprenad AB 

"What stands out about Jiricom is their service. In the beginning we had some questions and they helped us getting started. Now we are not in touch as much, but should we need anything we know that help is just a phone call away."

Ingela Bergman 

Administrator, City El & Data

The best starter pack on the market

Log book
Automatic travel purposes
Travel expense declaration
Authorization of travels
Time rules
Congestion charges
RFID tagging
Mobile app
Driver overview
Last driver identifications
Speed camera detector
Find closest vehicle
Real-time locations
Alarm when disconnected
Alarm when driver identification is missing
SIE4 integration
Standard reports
User log
Create org, vehicles, users
Mobile app

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Yes. Our solution is suitable no matter how many vehicles and drivers you have in your fleet.

Yes of course. Decide only after the 30-day trial if you want to buy or rent our services.

We deliver within 3-5 working days.

Our super friendly Onboarding team contacts all new customers and make sure that they get started properly. We are the personal log book supplier and place the highest emphasis on our customer relations.

The service agreement includes data transfer within the EU, data storage, updates of web features and software, free support.

Read more here. Do you want guidance about the additional features? Contact us and we’ll guide you towards a solution perfect for your business.

We offer annual or quarterly billing. The service agreements are billed for annually.

Additional features

Choose add-ons based on your needs.

Instead of packages with predetermined features you can add the add-on features that you really need.

The additional features cost between 17kr/month to 39kr/month per unit.

Additional features that help you save time & money

Current inspections state. Notification to email included.
Vehicle service
Current state of vehicles. Notification to email included.
Vehicle change
Current state of time left until vehicle change. Notification to email included.
Battery state
Real-time state of vehicle battery. Notification to email when low battery voltage included.
Analysis of drivers
Analysis of completed driver identifications.
Travel log
Complete summary of completed travels for a specific vehicle or several vehicles.
See all travels on a map.
Refueling log
Complete journal of completed refueling.

Additional features that help you streamline

Draw out geofence-zones. Get notified when one leaves or enters a zone. Travel purpose based on zone. Alarm in case of violation included.
Auto export of log book
Auto export of log book according to a desired time interval to a chosen email.
Book service
Booking system for service, repair, inspection and tire change. Notification to email included.
Book vehicle
Booking system for vehicles. Notification to email included.
Create your own report templates
Create your own report based on all values available. For example: Inspection report, Vehicle service report.
Auto export of reports
Auto export of reports to email based on desired time interval.
Create authorization templates
Create your own authorization templates that can be used for specific persons or several people.
Send a message to a driver. Inbox notification on au2:ONE gets activated in case of message. Message can be read through app and web.
Alarm when driver presses Help button on au2:ONE. Alarm is sent to a chosen email.

Additional features for finances & environment

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Total summary of the costs of vehicle ownership.
Current state of leasing per vehicle. Notification to email included.
Fuel consumption
Analysis of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.
ISA – speeding
Analysis of speed limit violations.
Utilization rate
Analysis of utilization rate for one or several vehicles. Get answers to number of travels, times, % and when during the day the vehicles are utilized.
Driving behavior
Analysis of driving behavior: braking, cornering and acceleration.
1 kr

Average cost per day and vehicle when buying from us.

1 min

Average time saved per driver per week.

1 min

Install and activate the most effortless log book on the market.

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Return on Investment when using our fully automatic log book.

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*Equivalent system

au2:ONE - Köpa

Köp: 2690 kr/enhet

au2:ONE - Hyra

Hyra: 189 kr/mån

au2:TRIP - Köpa

Köp: 2690 kr/enhet

au2:TRIP - Hyra

Hyra: 189 kr/mån