Vehicle control – the straight path to a more profitable fleet

The need for vehicle control is only getting bigger among companies. With Jiricom Fleet Management you get help with optimizing your fleet. There is a bunch of smart additional features that can make your daily life easier. Read more about our add-on features below. The add-ons cost between 17 and 39 kr/month per vehicle.

Why Jiricom Fleet Management

Save time

Let our fully automatic log book take care of the administration for you.

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Increase income

See how your fleet can be optimized so that more work can be done in a shorter time. 

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Get total control

Reduce your operating costs by having full control over how your vehicles are being used.

Additional feature Fleet Management

All maintenance gathered in one place

Many companies feel that it is  difficult to keep track of car maintenance. Now you can get all the information about your cars gathered in one place.

With the add-ons Inspection, Maintenance and Vehicle Change you are always notified when maintenance of one of your cars is coming up.

When the leasing period of a vehicle is coming to an end you are reminded in time so that you don’t have to pay extra or end up without a car.

Get customized reports on CO2 emissions

With the help of the add-on CO2 emissions you can find out what climate impact your fleet is having. You can also create your own CO2 goals adjusted for your organisation.

How are your vehicles utilized? We have the answer!

With the add-on Utilization Rate you get an automatic summary of how your vehicles are being utilized. Find out if there are vehicles in your fleet that should be relocated or sold. Utilization Rate can lead to big cost reductions for your company.

Optimize your routes

With the help of the add-on Travel Log you can both lower your fuel costs and streamline work. Optimize your routes by analyzing how the fleet is being utilized. Travel Log lets you know how your coworkers can get more done in a shorter amount of time.

Increased safety and lower fuel costs

Improving the Driving Behavior among coworkers is an easy way of lowering the fuel costs – but also minimizes the risks for accidents. The drivers are graded on their driving behavior based on braking, cornering and acceleration.

Easy booking system – available for all!

With the add-on Book Vehicle you get complete control over when your fleet cars are in use. As soon as someone from the company needs to use a fleet car they book it through their user account. If the car is in maintenance you see right away that it’s not bookable. No more double bookings and questions about the car’s locations.

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