Our fleet management and additional features give you control

Our fleet management and additional features are perfect when you want better control of your vehicles at a low cost. Choose features based on your needs. Read more about our additional features here The add-ons costs between SEK 17 and SEK 39 / month per vehicle.

au2: ONE is compatible with all variation of vehicles; company cars, official vehicles, fringe benefits cars, buses, trucks, heavy transport vehicles and vehicles for special transportation etc. You get complete log books where travel purposes as well as information regarding visited customers, refueling and compilations of how the vehicles are used, and much more, are filled in completely automatically.

Reduced costs and increased efficiency

Questions such as how, when and where your vehicles are used are answered with the help of our additional features. In order to get control over your costs and more value out of your vehicles, we can offer functions that give you an up-to-date overview and automatic reminders regarding when it’s time for the next vehicle change, inspection, service, lease change, etc.

An easy booking system

We have developed an easy booking system connected to au2: ONE. You select the vehicles that should be bookable. When you are about to book a vehicle or want to find a already booked vehicle, you will see the current position of the vehicle. If the vehicle is being serviced, repaired, inspected or replaced, you will immediately see that the vehicle is not bookable.

A solution that works for all vehicles

Our system is brand independent and can be installed on all types of vehicles, regardless of make, model or model year. By default, the vehicle’s OBD2 socket is used. Specially adapted extension cords are used when installing on trucks’ OBD2 sockets. If OBD2 sockets are missing or if you wish to install directly on the vehicle’s battery, we can also offer a fixed installation (battery voltage up to 24 volts).

Reliable and clever technology

We have not skimped on either technology or functionality in au2:ONE. On the contrary, they are equipped with the latest technology to ensure good coverage and communication with the GPS satellites and the mobile network. The devices have built-in back-up batteries that allow them to send alarms if the system is illicitly disconnected. We can also continuously make au2: ONE even smarter and better through the equipment for remote function and IoT technology.

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