Discount on vehicle insurances at Dina Försäkringar

Are you interested in our fully automatic log book or are you already a customer? Then you get a discount on the company’s vehicle insurances from our friends at Dina Försäkringar! 

A car insurance based on your needs!

Dina Försäkringar offers insurances for both small and big companies with heavy trucks and trailers as well as more lightweight vehicles. They have prize-winning customer satisfaction and insurances you can easily adjust based on your needs. No bonus loss in case of damage and several deductible alternatives make it easy to adjust the insurance according to your requirements.   

If you insure your company’s vehicles with Dina Försäkringar we also give you at least a 17 % discount on our log book! This offer is for all new and current customers.

About Dina Försäkringar

Dina Försäkringar consists of six independent insurance companies with offices in several places across the country working under the same brand. The company is the country’s fifth largest non-life insurer and is customer owned. 2021 Dina Försäkringar won the category Business Insurance (shared first place) when Svenskt Kvalitetsindex measured how satisfied the customers were with their insurance company. 

A little box filled with freedom

We are the world’s first in gathering all features in just one device. au2:ONE is a fully automatic solution that keeps track on your travels, travel purposes, who’s driving the car, notifies you when you have important messages and is a helping hand in case of an emergency.

Spot-on solution for you driving a company car and a fleet car or is doing business travels with a fringe benefit car and private car. Our log book meets all requirements for a log book set by the tax authorities.

Through our partnership with Dina Försäkringar we can now offer a complete solution for your company car. We make sure you get a first-class log book and just the traffic insurance you need. 

Do you want to know more about the offer?

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