Smartest in class – au2:ONE electronic log book

au2:ONE is the most effortless electronic log book on the market. Soon you will understand why.

au2:ONE grants you control

With a au2:ONE in the car your log book is kept automatically. You can then get the information straight from your account if the tax authorities would need it.

Our log book grants you freedom

Do you use the car both in work and for private purposes? No problem. au2:ONE keeps track of your work hours. But should you make a work trip outside your work hours you can just press the travel-button to change the travel type.

au2:ONE grants you time for other things

au2:ONE sums up how much the cars have been used for work and private purposes. You can easily get reports on all drivers with all you need for the salaries. The congestion charges are of course also included in the report.

More benefits with the au2:ONE log book

au2:ONE is the most effortless electronic log book on the market. The ultimate solution for your company regardless of the amount of cars.

Effortless driver identification directly on au2:ONE

Do you have several drivers using the same cars? Then it’s easy to tell au2:ONE who’s driving with the help of our tag solution. Before driving off put your tag against au2:ONE to identify yourself. If your company already uses tags you can use the same ones on au2:ONE.  

Built-in speed camera detector – your everyday hero

We are unique in offering a electronic log book with a built-in speed camera detector

au2:ONE helps you keep track of all (2338) fixed speed cameras on Sweden's roads

au2:ONE reminds you when you are approaching a camera when driving – and also warns you if you are driving a bit too fast.

Keep track of your congestion charges – completely automatically!

Get a summary of all your congestion charges. au2:ONE automatically divides the fees in private and work travels in your log book. Incredibly effortless if you have a fringe benefit car since you easily see what to tax as benefits. 

Super easy installation

Installing au2:ONE only takes a few minutes and doesn’t require any prior knowledge.

Scan the QR code on au2:ONE and follow the instructions.

Then connect au2:ONE through the car's OBD2 port. Ready!

Now au2:ONE is ready to take care of your log book for you. Are you unsure of where the OBD2 port is in your car? Find the answer here

Smart innovation from Småland

Jiricom is a IoT company from the forests of Småland that has developed a smarter electronic log book. Both the hardware and software are self-developed. In other words we know our craft. We continue to test the limits of what a little box can contain with our flagship product au2:ONE. Come along on our journey! Start with testing au2:ONE completely free of charge for 30 days. 

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