A more agile and clever electronic log book

au2: ONE is the most flexible automatic and electronic log book on the market. Easy to install and to use in your company car. au2: ONE is based on smart IoT technology that directly and automatically sends information to your account in the cloud about the current location of the vehicle, were the vehicle has been and who was driving.

The Swedish Tax Agency and other foreign tax authorities require a log book

Regardless of whether you use a company car, official car, fringe benefits car or a private car, you need to log the travels you make in and for work. Each new travel must contain the information that the Swedish Tax Agency or other foreign tax authority require for the log book to be approved. Keeping a record of your travels in detail is important because the log book works as the basis for several areas, such as when you want to define when the car is used in work or for private purposes, reporting congestion charges, documentation for tax-free mileage compensation, expenses, etc.

The Swedish Tax Agency's rules on log books

From the Swedish Tax Agency’s website:

A good way to verify that employees use their employer’s car mainly in the service and very little privately is to keep a thorough log book. This means that the person using the car must record all journeys with the car in a detailed way.

  • the car’s registration number
  • current year
  • date and meter-reading at the start and end of each journey.
  • how many kilometers the employee har driven on each journey
  • at which addresses the journey started and ended
  • For what purpose, to which locations, businesses or contacts the employee’s travel was made (not required for private travel)
  • notes and entries regarding the drivers, refueling and more. It is a good thing to note the amount of fuel and price while refueling the car. That makes it easier to calculate the expense of driving in private.

Read more at the Swedish Tax Agency website

Can I use electronic log books in my business?

From the website of The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY):

“Companies that want to use GPS positioning of vehicles for electronic log books may do so without first obtaining driver approval. However, this presupposes that a number of conditions are met. Among other things, no more information than necessary may be collected by the system ”. Read more on the website of Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY).

Read more on the website of Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY).

Seven very good reasons to why you should chose the Jiricom log book

There is a lot to think about and a lot to fill in to make a log book complete. Using our self-developed electronic log book system has many benefits.

1. Smart innovation from Sweden

We are a IoT company from Sweden that has developed and produced a clever and simpler automatic electronic log book that saves you time and simplifies your working day.

All travels and driving data is automatically saved in your account in the cloud. You have access to your account everywhere and 24/7. Our system works throughout the EU.

2. No mobile app and -your security

You do not need a mobile app to use the au2: ONE log book. By default, each new travel is attributable to work, as a business travel. If you need to specify that the travel is made in private or for work, press au2: ONE directly. On au2: ONE you can also press when you have refueled (tank journal) and press help when you are in need.

3. With or without driver recognition

When using driver recognition, you can use your existing tag or card that you use for work to identify yourself. Driver recognition is particularly suitable if you have cars that are used by several people. If the vehicle is used by the same driver every day, you can activate a standard driver. It is also possible to combine standard drivers with driver recognition.

4. Automatic travel purpose

A requirement from the Swedish Tax Agency is that you must state a purpose for each new business travel. With the help of the standards of our smart travel purpose, you can create automatic travel purposes based on addresses you visit. We help you import your travel purposes.

5. Automatic log of congestion charges

The rules regarding congestion taxes are complex and difficult. It is a big challenge to keep track of all the road tolls that you pass in rushhour traffic. This is especially a challange for fringe benefit cars, since the congestion charges must be taxed as a benefit even if the travel is made in private. With the help of our electronic log book, you get an automatic compilation of all your passed toll stations as well as a automatic calculation of congestion taxes divided between private travel and business travel.

How does congestion taxes and infrastructure charges work?

Rules regarding congestion taxes in Stockholm

In both inner city and Essingeleden in Stockholm, congestion charges is levied on Swedish and foreign-registered vehicles, Monday to Friday between 06.00 and 18.29.

Inner city
The amounts for going in and out of the zones covered by congestion taxes in Stockholm are SEK 11, 15, 20, 30 and 45, depending on the time you pass.

On the Essingeleden, the amounts are SEK 11, 15, 20, 27 and 40, depending on the time.

The maximum amount per day and vehicle is SEK 135 in high season and SEK 105 in low season. The maximum rate is common for the inner city Stockholm and the Essingeleden.

Read more about congestion charges in Stockholm at the Swedish Transport Agency


Rules regarding congestion taxes in Gothenburg

Congestion taxes is levied on Swedish and foreign-registered vehicles that pass a road toll in Gothenburg Monday to Friday between 06.00 and 18.29. Taxes is not levied on Saturdays, public holidays, days before the holiday or during the month of July.

Each passage through a toll station in Gothenburg costs SEK 9, 16 or 22, depending on the time. The maximum amount per day and vehicle is SEK 60.

The multi-passage rule
The multi-passage rule means that a car that passes several toll stations within 60 minutes is only taxed once. The charged amount is the maximum amount of those passages

Read more about congestion taxes in Gothenburg at the Swedish Transport Agency

Infrastructure charges in Motala and Sundsvall


SEK 5 per passage for car, light truck and bus
SEK 11 per passage for heavy trucks (total weight over 3.5 tonnes)
Both Swedish and foreign-registered vehicles are covered by the bridge charges. The fee applies per passage and is charged around the clock, every day during the year.


SEK 9 per passage for passenger car, light truck and bus
SEK 20 per passage for heavy trucks (total weight over 3.5 tonnes)
Both Swedish and foreign-registered vehicles are covered by the bridge charges. The fee applies per passage and is charged around the clock, every day during the year.

Read more about infrastructure charges at the Swedish Transport Agency


Deductions and benefit taxation of congestion tax

What do the new rules mean regarding benefit taxation of congestion charges and infrastructure charges?

From 1 January 2018, the congestion charge is no longer included in the standard calculated car benefit value. The benefit associated with congestion charges levied during private travel with the fringe benefits car must instead be valued and taxed separately. The same applies to infrastructure charges for bridges.

The employer is then required to each month calculate and report the benefit for each employee. The benefit is initially taxable the second month after the point in time when the toll station was passed by the employee traveling in private.

If my employer pays congestion charges?

-When traveling in a private car for work: Treated as cost reimbursement – no tax.
On the statement of earnings and tax deductions, the compensation is only indicated with a cross.

-When traveling in a private car to and from work: Treated as salary – taxable.

Read more about deductions and benefit taxation of congestion charges at the Swedish Transport Agency

Also read the Swedish Tax Agencys information on Congestion tax


6. Easy installation

When you need to activate our electronic log book au2: ONE with a company car, you can do so directly via your account or using the QR code on au2: ONE. Then connect au2: ONE via the OBD2 socket (we also support fixed installation on the vehicle’s battery). Place the au2: ONE at an arm’s distance from the driver’s seat in the car’s fan grille using the au2: ONE holder.

7. The best price and terms on the market.

  • Chose between buy or rent.
  • Price guarantee
  • Try us 30 days for free, free shipping within Sweden.
  • We help you get started!

Read more about what is included in Buy and Rent

Still undecided?

Get to know our automatic log book using a demo account.

From the demo account, you get access to features and reports that correspond to our Log book package. Read more about the features included in the Log book package and our options.

Some features that you can test in the demo account

  • View the travels that meet the Swedish Tax Agency’s requirements for a complete and approved log book.
  • Export and download log book
  • Overview of vehicles and users
  • Create / Modify / Delete drivers and vehicles

Create a free demo account

Creating a demo account is easy and free. Fill in your email address and a desired password below. Your personal demo account is created directly and automatically. You can log in immediately after you have created your demo account – click on “Log in” in the top right corner.

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