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the Swedish Tax Agency's rules on log books
From the Swedish Tax Agency’s website:

A good way to verify that employees use their employer’s car mainly in the service and very little privately is to keep a thorough log book. This means that the person using the car must record all journeys with the car in a detailed way.

  • the car’s registration number
  • current year
  • date and meter-reading at the start and end of each journey.
  • how many kilometers the employee har driven on each journey
  • at which addresses the journey started and ended
  • For what purpose, to which locations, businesses or contacts the employee’s travel was made (not required for private travel)
  • notes and entries regarding car drivers, refueling and more. It is a good thing to note the amount of fuel and price while refueling the car. That makes it easier to calculate the expense of driving in private.

Read more att the Swedish tax agency website

au2:FREE is available as a mobile app

With au2: APP you can fill in your log book and congestion charges directly in your mobile phone.

Is it really free? Yes, 100 percent free!

Many have requested a easy-to-use digital logbook that is free. We decided that we would put together a free service containing the features we have developed over the years. Since it is a difficult and time-consuming task to fill in a handwritten logbook, many people unfortunately choose not to fill in their logbook at all. With the help of our fantastic free service au2: FREE, we make it a little easier for the driver and your company.

We hope that you one day want to test our automatic log book that does everything for you automatically, but in the meantime you are welcome to use our free service au2:free.

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Vehicle management

Regardless of whether you run a small firm or have several employees and cars, au2:FREE will suit your business. It is easy to create multiple users and vehicles in your organization with different authorizations. When you register a vehicle, the car’s data is retrieved automatically. You decide if the car should be able to book. There are no restrictions on the number of users, drivers or registered vehicles in au2:FREE.


Vehicle management

Log book

With au2:FREE you can fill in your travels directly on your computer and get access to them everywhere 24/7. You can export and compile your travel information to a excel format.


Log book

Congestion taxes

When you fill in your congestion taxes, au2:FREE will calculate your charges based on the current time- and tax zone automatically. You can export and compile the congestion taxes to excel.

Congestion taxes


Book a vehicle – the company’s own car pool

In au2:FREE you can create the company’s own car pool. You decide which vehicles that should be bookable and then you and your colleagues use the booking calendar to book your pool cars. You get reminders and can save your car bookings in your calendar.



Environmental targets and CO2 emissions

Based on the car’s consumption and the fuels CO2 emission, au2:FREE automatically calculates the car’s total CO2 emissions based on your travels. You can also create your own environmental targets for you and the company’s cars!


CO2 Carbon dioxide emissions

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