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Business concept based on work experience

We are the founders of JIRICOM AB; JImmy Thörnlöf and RIckard Flodin. Our business concept is based on previous work experience of managing vehicle fleets. For many companies and businesses, managing their vehicles is a major challenge. The administration can be divided into two parts; vehicle use and vehicle management.

Use of vehicles; Many businesses have the following recurring questions. Where is the vehicle right now? Who uses the vehicle? How is the vehicle used? How often is customer A visited and for how long were the vehicle placed at location B? Furthermore, according to Swedish law each trip must be recorded.

Vehicle management: For many enterprises the vehicle fleet is one of the heaviest costs in running the business. It usually requires a large investment initially and running expenses for a long period of time. During the vehicle’s life cycle, the vehicle must be refueled, serviced, inspected, repaired, maintained, wheels must be changed and finally the vehicle must be sold.

Internet of things

To get better control and to make it easier and more efficient for the customer, we realized that we needed to connect the vehicle to the internet (Internet of things). With the help of a used soldering iron, we made our first circuit boards and produced plastic details with the help of a 3D printer and started building our first prototype of our automatic logbook (Thanks to Almi I Jönköping, Sweden for your contribution).

Millions of travels

Feedback from our test group was really positive and we decided to form the IoT company JIRICOM AB in the spring of 2015. Shortly afterwards we got our first “real” customer (Thank you David and Jonas for becoming our first customer) and at the end of 2016 we won our first public contract.
Since then, our customer base has grown and today we have thousands of electronic log books all over Sweden and millions of travels have been recorded automatically with the help of our automatic log book.

We develop everything ourselves

Our leading strength is our technical competence and our customer knowledge. We have developed everything ourselves, au2: ONE and our web interface is developed by us and based on the wishes and requirements of our customers. The production of our system takes place under our control. We handle all deliveries and perform tests on each system before delivery. We are the ones who answer your questions and solves your problems.

Exciting time ahead of us

What is our next step? We have an exciting time ahead of us. Together with our fantastic team we will continue to develop and make our automatic log book more clever and even better for you and our customers. We have several great news that will be launched soon, so stay tuned.

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We think of new contacts and interactions as an opportunity to create new possibilities together, so for whatever reason do not hesitate to contact us!


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We guarantee less administration, better control and profitability. As a client you will have a product and support that is contantly evolving to meet your needs.

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